Warehousing & Distribution
Warehousing & Distribution

Wared Warehousing & Distribution provides state-of-the-art case- or pallet-picked contract warehousing and inventory management services. We have established a fully-fledged operation including receiving of inbound goods in containerized or palletized condition, contract storage, complete inventory management, receiving, and shipping.

Warehousing & Distribution

We will perform the complete order fulfilment cycle on your behalf. Our facilities can be operated 7 days/week and 24 hours/day, based on demand. We support both stand-alone and multi-tenant contract facilities.

Warehousing & Distribution
You benefit from advanced supply chain technologies and the operational best practices that we implement. If you deposit in more than one Wared Distribution facility, we provide you an enterprise view of your inventory so that you know what inventory exists in which facility and what is in your entire network. This holistic view allows you to make the lowest cost/best service allocation decisions and react by transferring stock, allocating, or emergency ordering when anomalies occur.

Our warehouse network provides you with a competitive advantage for supply chain services, due to their proximity and accessibility to strategic air, sea, and dry ports, and their excellent road access. The locations are also near qualified labour pools, key industrial zones, and dense population/consumer areas.

Wared Warehousing & Distribution
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