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Wared International
Wared International is your Global Trade Management expert. We provide a management service that will plan and arrange transportation and importation of all types of containerized general commodities and bulk freight into our selected geographies.

You can select Port-to-Door services with the ocean transportation and inland transportation, or Door-to-Door service, where we assume control of the shipment at order availability and perform complete routing and scheduling for all legs of the shipment. Customs clearance within MENA is a key issue -- and we are your customs clearance expert.

Customs clearance is not uniformly structured, nor is interpretation of the regulations uniform. There is no pre-clearance capability, and often, only nationals can be customs brokers performing the clearance at the port. We provide the essential local knowledge.

Within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), we provide importation and customs clearance of containers into the three key ports:
  • Jeddah
  • Dammam
  • Riyadh's dry port.

We will manage all of your inland drayage requirements through Wared Transport. If you have break/bulk requirements and require LTL deliveries, we manage this for you through Wared Express.

In addition, Wared International:
  • Employs the best practice business processes and technology-enabled solutions
  • Provides complete visibility and event tracking for containers in transit; we identify anomalies and exceptions and notify your key stakeholders
  • Provides financial control -- landed cost computation and compliance-to-plan
  • Performs demurrage accounting and insures timely container return
  • Performs complete document management
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