Less-Than Truckload
Less-Than Truckload

Wared Express provides you with a full-service Less Than a Truckload (LTL) network for all commodities that are too large for postal or courier services, and too small to be shipped economically in truckload quantities. Shipments should be over 50 kilograms (or 110 pounds).

Less-Than Truckload

The LTL service excludes refrigerated or frozen articles, valuables and escorted goods and certain types of chemicals.

We perform end to end service consisting of both local pick-up and delivery for both intra and inter-city transportation. We serve you in one of two ways: a regular pickup route (Wared Express stops every day to see if there are any freights), or call Wared with a pickup order. (Online entry of your shipment data into the Wared Express system automatically generates a pick-up order.)

Less-Than Truckload We have constructed our multiple hub-and-spoke LTL package delivery network within our existing 7 terminal networks. Our existing LTL Shuttle Service has been supplemented with break/bulk services.

You can choose to manage your business online: place pick-up orders, determine shipment costs, and track your deliveries. Our Wared Express tracking system provides tracking and tracing from pick-up through proof-of-delivery from door to door.

Your billing is based on a combination of weight, distance, and service level. We have developed a simple, point-to-point rating table with weight-based rates between point pairs. Service Levels are defined as one-day and two-day delivery.

You may also request a dedicated fleet specific to your needs through our Dedicated Fleet Service.

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