Providing the ultimate logistics solutions in the Middle East & North Africa Region
About us
Local Knowledge
Wared is an expertise-based organization. We have the knowledge of the business practices, regulations, and ways-of-working in our geographies. We provide you with the ultimate logistical solutions for both Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) commerce and deliver you the quickest, most accurate, and cost-effective fulfillment and delivery experience.

Wared is an experience-based organization. We have an existing full-service transportation network, container importation and brokerage operation, and Logistics Hubs in key distribution centers within MENA (consisting of warehouses, container storage yards, tractor/trailer yards, and maintenance facilities).
These are supported with advanced Supply Chain Technologies and Operational Business Processes employing Industry Best Practices.

The capstone is that Wared has the expertise, local knowledge, skills, and resources to develop effective distribution systems for you.

You profit from the minimum time-to-benefit. You get to market quickly and at a substantially reduced cost (contrasted with developing an infrastructure yourself). Our ability to implement rapidly comes from our expertise in transition management, our existing transportation and distribution infrastructures, our supply chain experience, and our integrated technology.

You employ Wared as your single point of responsibility, but you retain control and gain total visibility to all of your MENA logistical operations. Every process is measured and controlled with the business intelligence and analytics you require!

You focus on your core business; we service your logistics requirements.

Wared’s “Green” Commitment
An industry leader in "being green", Wared is committed to continuing to improve and enhance its green initiatives on three fronts: equipment, technology, and operations.

The Company
Wared Logistics is a joint venture (JV) between Zahid Group Holding and Construction Products Holding Company (CPC). Both companies have over 30 years of logistics experience. Wared acquired Zahid Heanor and United Transport Company, the respective transport operations of the JV partners.